Guardtex | Design and manufacture
of technical fabric solutions


We design and manufacture protective technical fabrics for industry.
We work with design offices, architects, engineers, technicians and buyers of new solutions.

We are a competence centre, driving your performance in aviation, outdoor, safety, boating and other industries, and serving local authorities.


Design and manufacture of technical fabric solutions
for industry and community facilities.

We design and manufacture high-tech fabric solutions. With our 4 areas of expertise, ENGINEERING, DIGITIZATION, CUTTING and ASSENBLING, we can provide protective covers and accessories ranging in size from just a few centimetres to large formats measuring several dozen metres.

Our added value? Design without having to take physical measurements; custom solutions with mass production efficiency and ultra-short lead times. Our second added value? We focus on the USER.

We often have to deal with complex shapes or spaces that need to be protected, which can prove difficult. And yet, extreme precision is the key to performance. For example, a cover that fits snugly is more effective and lasts longer. On the other hand, a loose cover wears more quickly.

We focus on co-constructing, developing solutions, expediting and proposing areas for improvement.

Our expertise extends from design to manufacturing. We design, digitize, assess the need for reinforcements and produce parts of all sizes. We offer a complete service, including assistance and support to develop a high-performance solution that will be perfect for you.

How do we work? Thanks to our high-tech tools, we dialogue with manufacturers by sharing digital files. For example, architects design in 3D, and Guardtex uses their 3D files. If there are no 3D files, Guardtex will be able to generate them. Our all-digital organisation saves you time and materials and improves your productivity. For example, we have reduced our lead time for boat covers from 3 weeks to 3 days.

We work with design offices, architects, technicians and buyers of new solutions. The industrial sectors we serve include aviation, boating, outdoor, rail transport and safety. Local authorities use our safety solutions for daycare centres, schools and sports facilities and road signage.


DIGITIZATION OF SHAPES: Creation of 3D files with our own digitization tools / Faster automation of design phases / Exploitation of digital files / On-site digitization / Reverse engineering / Calculation checks

DESIGN: 3D modelling for production / Fast engineering / Combination of fabrics for new applications / Innovative design based on defined performance targets/ Translation of design / Processing from 2D to 3D and from 3D to 2D / Coordination with design offices before stress studies / Optimisation for industrial productivity / Automatic generation of carbon ply

PRODUCTION: Complex cutting / Complex assembly / Functional fabrics / Special finishes / Marking

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